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Traditional rebels

Start with an inspiration, then deconstruct it. Preserve

the essence, mix in some cultural references and then

reconstruct it to create something new.

It’s the hottest trend in fashion: taking elements from the past

and bringing it to the future with a completely new twist.

Some of the world’s best stylists came together in the

Global Color Zoom ’15 Creative Team to design a brand

new collection that takes this trend into hairstyling.

The outcome is amazing: While preserving the essence of

a style, the team designed looks that display a new, most


“unexpected elegance”.

The concept of


as well as

stunning color



tribal inspiration

push the limits of hairstyling

to new heights. Looks manifest in three distinct style directions:

Elegant Edge, Style Clash


Reinvented Tribal.

Like no other,

this collection is characterized by craftsmanship and artistry.

Hair color follows fashion with a new and elegant palette.


monochromatic colors are disrupted by bands of

deeply saturated and heavily pigmented shades, ranging

from warm to cool neutrals.

Get ready for looks that will alter your idea of elegance.